We are Ashley & Kellen

And We make up Weeno Photography. Because, you know.. WE know Photography.

In 2006 we found ourselves in Hawaii, I was helping with a school of Photography and Kellen feeding all the people on the campus. I, of course became friends with the kitchen staff quickly. I was vegetarian and I needed to have some smugglers for my food. Kellen was my main man, and got me all the chips and salsa I could dream of.

Soon after, he came to California (where I was raised) and we did a trip North. He headed back to Wisconsin (where he was raised) and we soon found life was much better with each other. We were married in a vineyard in Paso Robles California, and 7 years later we have settled in Portland, Oregon. We call it the West Coast Compromise.

Portland is our home, our space our people and our culture. We love living here so much we thought we would buy a house and have some kids. So that we did! We now have 2 pups and 2 boys. Dance parties & dog park trips are a regular around here.

I do most of the photographing, and I’m lucky enough to have Kellen join me for the weddings. We have been doing it for so long with each other that we can read each others moves and know exactly what we are doing.  We love our jobs, and love to be able to be in those moments. We also love our kids, and being able to play hard with them.


Because we matter.

In 2011 I lost my mom, and in 2015 I lost my dad. The only way I can back to see their faces is in their photos. I pour over images of them, when they are my age, when they are older, when they are parents. It gives me a glimpse back into their lives, back into my life. It shows me that my history matters, and the only way to go back is through photos. The only way my kids will ever know them is through stories and those photos.

I believe that photos will live longer than I will, and they are important to our families or history. I am not here to take the next cool photo, or be the next cool photographer. I am here to make history – I am here to document truth.